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Building Blocks for a Healthy Diet

Easy Recommendations from the American Heart Association You are working out and crushing your goals inside the gym, but do you ever struggle with what foods you should be purchasing to build heart health and maintain that “healthy lifestyle”? The American Heart...

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Repair and Recovery

The Absolute Best Part of Fitness Are you someone that loves to hit the gym hard but you don’t necessarily “quit hard”? Meaning, you don’t allow your body the time to rest and restore vital nutrients needed after an intense workout. If you’re sitting thinking, ‘this...

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5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women

How to prepare for your busy schedule 5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women No matter the season of life you are in, these 5 tips together will set you up for success ! 1. Pack a bag You are ready whether it snows the night before, your power goes out, or maybe you...

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Free Your Mind In 2020

Learn to Fall Forward This Year Despite Opposition Ready for a fresh start in 2020 ? Listen up! Don't let the negative naysayers stop you from making and accomplishing your goals in 2020! Watch out for fault finders and mockers. Allowing fault finders speak into your...

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Who am I now?

How do you identify yourself? This is an intro to the life of Vanessa Carlson--founder of Ladies Super Fitness. Music from https://www.zapsplat.comNew Paragraph

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A little bedazzle at LSF

Workout and get your nails done! Are you having fun and getting your raffle tickets with each workout? We hope so! Every month we always have something going on to keep our LSF gals MOTIVATED and focused. We understand how crazy life can get and we are here to serve...

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Making Merry Workouts

your gym holiday hustle Ever wonder how this festive, feel-good, celebrated time of year can leave you feeling a little bit overwhelmed? We understand! From your own lists, parties, gifts-- cleaning, prepping, taking care of your loved ones plus all your guests--...

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Reach your Goals without Over Training

Could you be doing too much? In today’s society we have a great number of go-getters who work hard for everything they have and will do whatever they need to in order to get there. This is a wonderful thing and it demonstrates determination, strength, and perseverance...

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Secret Ingredient

Why LSF works  During my time at Ladies Super Fitness, I have noticed that women of various ages are intimidated by gyms and fitness centers. Many women simply do not know where to start, how to form an appropriate workout for their needs and/or how to perform...

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LSF Field Day

Seniors vs Freshman A little fun and a little competition outside is great for the soul! Join us on Thursday June 27th at 7:30pm at Boettler Park where our ladies will break up into two teams of mixed ages and levels and help one another get through various...

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