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FITT Factor – More Than a Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp classes use boxing and kickboxing concepts as part of a full body workout. They are also fun, fast, and easily modifiable. Punching and kicking also gives you a fun resistance-type training that is hard to get elsewhere.

These workouts are:

• Recommended for all levels of fitness–easily modifiable
• Fun and fast-paced–9 Stations in 30 Minutes with no boredom
• A complete body workout regime with Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Resistance Training
• Constantly changing everyday to keep the body guessing
• Guided by a Certified FITT Factor Boot Camp Instructor

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Vanessa Carlson’s FITT Factor Boot Camp classes are fun and fast-paced in only 30 minutes! This program, only at Ladies Super Fitness, uses the concepts of boxing and kickboxing in a convenient circuit and full-body workout format. This is unlike any workout you’ve tried before as they were created by Vanessa Carlson–a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

For a well-balanced body, the classes rotate everyday between cardio classes, strength classes, and core classes.

Although we have two class times officially in the day (9:15am and 5:45pm) you are able to take the class on your own any time of the day with a trainer to guide you! Videos are available on the class calendar so you can see the class before you come to LSF.

Our certified personal trainers will guide you through your workout session and teach you the basics of kickboxing and boxing that will leave you feeling accomplished. And as always, your safety is our top priority.

According to, high intense interval training (HIIT) can not only boost your results, but it also increases weight loss, muscle gain, and doesn’t increase risk of injury!



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