Improving Quality of Life

Improve Balance and Strength

Reduce Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar

Vastly Reduce Injury

Our Seniors get a discount at Ladies Super Fitness, and even they are taking advantage of and having fun working with our LSF trainers!  Staying active safely keeps you moving, improves quality of life and reduces the likelihood of sickness and disease. With proper resistance training and heart health cardio regimen, our seniors enrich their lives through our senior programs. They are strengthening their bones, improving their core and balance, and achieving some weight loss.

Our expert trainers guide our seniors to  stay active, safe and independent using safe functional training approach to help reduce their risk of falls and injury and enhance their quality of life.

According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), not only can seniors benefit from regular physical activity, it doesn’t need to be strenuous in order to get health benefits. Daily physical activity, such as walking or strength training, can not only reduce the risk of falling but also “perform the routine tasks of daily life.” Do you have any health concerns? Physical activity reduces the risk of injury and improves stamina and strength.



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