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Weight Loss and the LIFE You Gain!

Our team of certified personal trainers collaborate to put together specific routines for you in order for your weight-loss journey to be favorable! It is not just about the weight you lose but also the life you gain!

We will figure out your initial baseline and each month, as you achieve results and progress, we will reassess your routine and make the necessary changes needed. We work with you to keep your metabolism on and keep you in your appropriate target heart rate zones.

You will experience fun and safe cardio with our classes and innovative cardio equipment. You will also learn how to build lean muscle and burn calories even when you are not in the gym!

The best part about your weight-loss journey is that you don’t have to do it on your own! We are here to service you.

According to the Surgeon Generals report on how to prevent Obesity and becoming Overweight, becoming more physically active throughout the day is very important. But the problem is that most women don’t know how to become more physically active.

That’s why Ladies Super Fitness has personal trainers who are here to help you which maximizes weight loss results and minimizes injury! Not only does resistance training help you in increasing your metabolism to lose weight, but using our cardio equipment as part of a health weight-loss routine helps your body metabolize and burn fat!

There are many ways to lose weight at Ladies Super Fitness, but the best part is that as you grow, we grow with you. With free personal training we will always change up your routine as you change which keeps the body guessing and gets results!




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