How to prepare for your busy schedule

5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women
5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women
No matter the season of life you are in, these 5 tips together will set you up for success !
1. Pack a bag
  • You are ready whether it snows the night before, your power goes out, or maybe you experienced an unexpected restless night of sleep because you are excited to workout the next day!
  • Work clothes to change into after your workout -or- workout clothes to use after your day of work
  • A snack in case you become hungry during your workout or even after – You are prepared
  • A note of encouragement – because you are valuable and worthy and words have POWER especially your own
2. Schedule your workouts
  • hint,hint : get your planner -or- electronic calendar to avoid filling this time with something else – remember you are a busy, motivated woman, and the likelihood of this happening is pretty possible!
  • Bosses don’t cancel -but- you are flexible and know when to give yourself grace
  • Minimizes distractions or important NOT urgent tasks filling up your time for the day
3. Invite a friend
  • Provides a subconscious push
  • Allows these moments of victory to be shared and remembered especially during difficult times
  • Invite, encourage -but- careful not to rely on your friend. You are responsible for your own choices.
4. Take a fun class
  • Allow yourself to try something new, be a novice, be challenged, be silly and have FUN!!
  • Our classes at Ladies Super Fitness change everyday with a different focus
5. Have a workout plan
  • This gives you focus, direction, and satisfaction with the different stages of learning and progress.
  • Avoids time wasting, feeling lost and discouraged
  • We included personal training for free at our locations to increase your chances of success and keep you safe as well as motivated!
Now you are ready to not just count the days but make the days count !!

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