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4 Myths of Weight Lifting for Women
Lets get right to it!!
#1 Myth-Lifting weights will make you bulky.
Lifting weights builds muscle and burns fat. Women have lower testosterone levels so to put on muscle bulk takes a lot of time. Women will build strength, burn fat, and improve their metabolism.
#2 Myth-Cardio burns more calories than Weightlifting.
Cardio does contribute to keeping you healthy and fit, but does not help build strength and muscle tone. You will develop lean muscle mass with weight training which in turn burns more calories.
#3 Myth-The older you get, the more dangerous lifting is.
The older you get, the more you are at risk to bone and muscle deterioration, reduced flexibility, and a slower metabolism. Weightlifting can slow down the aging process and keep your body in shape.
#4 Myth- You should use light weight and lots of reps to tone certain muscles.
Toning is misleading because it refers to the idea that you can achieve defined muscles by changing the shape in a certain area, but in reality you can’t get definition without gaining some muscle mass and losing body fat. You can’t spot reduce. Fat loss will occur throughout your body.
6 Benefits of Weight Training

1. Improve Fat Loss
Weight training builds lean muscle. The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is which means you’ll burn more calories.
2. Enhances Mood and Reduces Stress
Exercise releases endorphins which improves your mood, prevents pain, and fights depression making you feel more confident and happy.
3. Gain Strength without Bulking
Women have about 10% of the testosterone men do and because of this women will develop muscle tone and definition without bulking.
4. Reduces Risk of Injury, Back Pain, and Arthritis
Weight training also increases bone density, joint stability, and stronger connective tissues helping to prevent injuries. It also helps avoid bad posture by strengthening your back and core preventing lower back pain as well.
5. Improves Performance – Athlete or Not
Can help improve overall function (i.e. sit to stand, managing steps, outdoor activities) and performance in the gym and daily activities throughout everyday life.
6. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes
Weight training helps improve cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol and in turn helps to lower blood pressure. Weight training also improves the way the body processes sugar which may reduce the risk of diabetes.
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