Have limited time? Start with this!

Sometimes just starting an exercise routine or accountability program can be daunting. Where do I start? Yes there are many fads or myths out there but how do you sift through to the real vs the fad?

Here are 5 ways you can start today to feel healthier without any drastic changes in your lifestyle.

1. Drink water.

We are more than 70% water so the immediate effect is obvious. However, why can’t get my water source from soda or juice or coffee? They are made of water too! They’re wet! Besides the obvious hydration factor if compared to coffee, there’s absolutely no calories in water.

But also, water is important to help your body get rid of toxins that could be potentially harmful over time. The standard is about half your body weight in ounces a day. Within a few seconds, drinking a bottle of water can get you well on your way for the day!

2. Increase your Fiber.

And no, not FiberOne bars. That’s a marketing ploy. Fiber is what gets your intestines moving. I’m sure you’ve been constipated at one time which is the direct effect of not getting fiber in your diet. Fiber gives your intestines a workout which helps move food and waste along to its final destination–out!

Fiber comes from fruits, veggies, whole grains (brown rice, whole grain bread, etc.), sweet potatoes, etc. You might think, ‘I can’t eat gluten,’ however, there are plenty of fibrous options. White bread is sugar, nothing more nothing less. Years of eating no fiber will make your intestines sag and cause disease. Not good!

Also, whole grain pasta and brown rice doesn’t taste different (although the texture is different) but when using the same spices and sauce there is hardly a difference.

3. Eat more Veggies.

Not only do vegetables give you nutrients you can’t get in other foods, but again, they give fiber and add water to your system to keep everything moving. This is a must!

4. Cook at home at least one meal.

When you cook, or are involved in the cooking process, you know what goes into your food. Eating at restaurants tastes really good (for the most part) but that is because of the high sugar and fat content put into the meals. As my 9th grade health teacher said, “Fat tastes good.” Only when you are actively involved will you be able to add the fiber, veggies, and substitute high calorie foods for low calorie options.

5. Of course exercise at least 3 times a week.

The older we get our muscles and bones deteriorate at a constant basis. Exercise and weight training will reduce the effects of the aging process.

If you haven’t yet been to our gym to get free personal training, click the link below and we’ll start you on your journey of aging well!–LSF