Workout and get your nails done!

Are you having fun and getting your raffle tickets with each workout? We hope so!
Every month we always have something going on to keep our LSF gals MOTIVATED and focused. We understand how crazy life can get and we are here to serve you!

Remember each raffle ticket gets you closer to winning some prizes this month in December! Let’s start 2020 off strong.

One of our AWESOME vendors, Charity Conners – Director with Color Street, will be in tonight at Ladies Super Fitness North Canton from
4pm – 6pm. What a treat to have her with us! Not only will you get a great workout today that is specific to your needs and time constraints but when you come in tonight you can also get your nails done! If you have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the holiday hustle-bustle why not treat yourself to an awesome workout and an little nail TLC all in one stop!

Charity joined us for our Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and loved the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement at LSF. She observed everyone- all ages, all shapes, all sizes – striving towards their wellness goals with the help of awesome trainers. We do goals well whether it involves weight loss, strength training , core & balance and more! To see if you should do more cardio or weight training, click here.

Where else can you get a great workout with one of your personal trainers AND get your nails done for FREE?

Stop in tonight and see how easy it is to put these beautiful accent nails on!

We are already glistening after a great workout, why not give a little bedazzle to your nails.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone