Finish what you start with this Free thing!

I was recently reminded by one of our clients that it takes a village to raise a child… or raise a person into good habits. That’s what a gym is–a village.

No doubt you have been part of that New Year’s Resolution craze at least once where you might’ve said, “This is the year I lose so many pounds–I mean it!”… just to see your passion January 1st turn to apathy by the end of the month, or at least by the Summer. You might have lost 20 lbs but now you see you probably gained most of it back or even gained more that you lost before… and I can say that with confidence as one who’d been there.

As I’ve been in the gym industry for 5 years, I’ve learned that gyms are like a small community with new members really joining for the people that run the gym… and this keeps people accountable. So let me tell you about us: My name is Reidar Carlson (pronounced Raider) and I’m a veteran and local business owner who runs Ladies Super Fitness along with my wife, Vanessa, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy certified in Ohio. All of our staff are personal trainers who are hired solely to show you, the client, what to do with no extra cost. And we’re only about $39 a month.

Who needs resolutions for the new year when we are REVOLUTIONIZING health and wellness!?

Because what you get at LSF is so much more… accountability. You get a FREE personal trainer whenever you need one (who is usually $40 an hour at the Y) and we actually know EVERYONE’s name in here because this is a local community ladies club. There’s no threat of intimidation here and we play christian music as well from time-to-time. We are not a franchise but run this at the local level. We have $300,000 worth of equipment in our gym that is made JUST for women.

The first workout is complimentary because I wouldn’t expect anyone to join without “test driving” the experience. This is a place people can unload emotionally and physically. We can take it and have adapted well to the needs of all types of women. Most women who come in here have something physically going on… that’s why we have a Dr. of Physical Therapy on staff to see how we can help you.

The main thing to do to see if we’re a fit is to give us a call at 330-536-3488 or click the button below to give us a try. There is absolutely no pressure. We can’t wait to meet you!