How to lose weight on your own terms.

Everyone knows they should exercise, everyone knows they should eat different, but do we do it? An emphatic NO. Why? We’re all stubborn. When it comes down to the hard choice between what we should do versus what feels good we go after the feel good choice 90% of the time. (Even though 75% of statistics aren’t true… 😉 ).

The point is we’d rather feel good INSTANTLY than to try to achieve our (seemingly) elusive goal which will make us feel great one small victory at a time.

Losing weight or getting toned on your terms hasn’t worked in the past so GET RID OF YOUR TERMS! If losing your baby fat takes more than what you’re willing to give up it’s going to be a long and disappointing life (unless you really don’t care about losing weight).

To take it a step further into the realm of INSANITY, sometimes people new to our Ladies Only Private Club will actually tell me what price they would pay to become a member and benefit from our services, which includes personal training. They are trying to lose weight on their terms. Losing weight isn’t the most important thing to them, saving a buck is. My advice? JUST GET IT DONE! This weight has plagued innocent people for years but they are friends enough with their weight to place it above the inconceivable (or imaginary) price as an excuse to keep them from greatness.

It’s true that most people will pay more money on dinner than a whole month of training with a personal trainer at Ladies Super Fitness.

My point? Can you lose weight while eating whatever you want? NO! Unless you eat so little of it you are malnourishing yourself, losing muscle and gunking up your system along the way.

Let’s renew our minds and our ambition for ourselves and leap with both feet to greatness. You CAN lose they weight and get toned–with the undying support of professionals at LSF. DON’T TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN! That’s what we’re here for.

If you haven’t experienced a Ladies Only Private Club before (which includes personal training at NO EXTRA COST), sign up for a time-slot to tour our facility HERE .

See you at the club. –LSF