Jewels with Purpose

Born and raised on the West Coast, I have a love for the salty air and cold water of the Pacific Ocean. I grew up clamming and salmon fishing on the coast, rafting rivers and swimming in snow-fed lakes in the mountains. After graduating from Willamette University in Salem, OR with a degree in International Studies in East Asia, I then spent 3-1/2 years studying and working in Japan. Upon moving back to the West Coast and settling in Seattle as a Sales Manager, I traveled the country managing our sales force where I met my husband. After a year married, we moved to North Canton and worked in HP Products until I had the opportunity to work in my own business with my husband–a great way to work out of the house and spend more time with our young daughter. Years later, my daughter is now in college and I am currently working for Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health and making custom jewelry–my true love!

I acquired this gift from my parents who made jewelry when I was growing up (wax investment casting with gold and silver). My mom introduced me to beading where we actually used to make our own beads as well, but that can be very time consuming. I found designs I liked and realized that I could purchase the beads separately and create my own unique pieces. It was also something I could do with my daughter who was young at the time. And here is when Belissima was born. I began with small parties in my house. I enjoyed these and from there started doing mostly custom jewelry . Gifts for occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christenings, Confirmations, Mommy and Me and weddings, brides and/or wedding parties. I have also donated several pieces to a variety of non-profit fundraisers. And now, I am combining my love of jewelry making with the health benefits of DoTerra Essential Oils.

I am excited to be this month’s sponsor for LSF! I have been working out at Ladies Super Fitness over 1.5yrs and love the community of women encouraging each other and getting healthier together. I hope Belissima pieces sparkle as vibrant and bold as every LSF member!