Improper Form Equals Mediocre Results by Christa Fobbs

  Ever see someone in the gym who you know has bad form? Ever wonder if that was working for them?

  Well, what sets one individual apart from another in the gym is the quality of movement. Movement mechanics has a direct impact on how the body functions to perform movement. Faulty movement mechanics lead to muscle imbalances and ultimately injuries. In addition, mediocre strength gains occur because of the lack of attention to details pertaining to form, tempo, and progression.

  Often times a person is unable to successfully maintain a fitness regimen in the gym without developing some form of injury or setback, all because that person failed to pay attention to the quality of their movement. Also, most, if not all people come into the gym with pre-developed muscle imbalances, incurred from repetitive movement, injuries, or faulty movement patterns. These muscle imbalances really need to be addressed as part of a corrective exercise program, which involves self-myofascial techniques combined with static stretching.

  Self-myofascial release, when used regularly, breaks up the adhesions or knots formed in overactive, tight muscles, consequently releasing muscle tension and allowing the muscles to be stretched uninhibited, producing greater flexibility. This improved flexibility brings balance back to the body and allows the weaker muscles a better opportunity to be built up properly through resistance training. Once those imbalances have been addressed, the body can function at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. So the starting point of any workout is addressing muscle imbalances first. Once addressed, you can focus on form, tempo, and progression.

Form is critical in any form of exercise. Poor form can cause countless injuries, strain, other issues, and wasted time, energy, and effort. What is the point in performing exercises incorrectly if you are not getting the maximum benefit from the workout? It is ludicrous! Yes I know that focusing on the details is a pain to do for those who just want to get in the gym and get out. However, you cheat yourself. Why waste your precious time being mediocre? If you are going to be in the gym for 30 minutes or more, make it count! Stop being sloppy and ask for help. Be intentional about your movement and make sure you know what muscles you are working when you perform a particular exercise! Sometimes I ask people what muscle they are working when performing a movement and they do not know. Well, it is clear they do not know because the movement they are performing looks ridiculous and made up. That is why trainers are present and that is why we design workouts for you, that actually work. Please ask for help!!
Lastly, tempo is very important for resistance training. To read up on Tempo Training, Click HERE.

The bottom line, do not rush through your training program just to get through it. You owe it to yourself to treat your body good and give it the best opportunity to succeed.

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