Why do we do it?

Most people know personal training is expensive. That’s why most people like classes–its a cheaper version of personal training. In classes there is

  • Direction
  • Camaraderie
  • Fun

But what classes DON’T do are

  • Get you laser focused on your goal
  • Give you one-on-one time with a professional
  • Keep you accountable

Personal training does all of this–but it’s expensive, right? WRONG!

At Ladies Super Fitness our staff is hand-picked to give you direction. Most gyms make their money on personal training. It’s a Multi-BILLION dollar industry. But at LSF, you shouldn’t be “punished” because you don’t know what to do.

Everyone has that story how they (or someone they know) went to a gym “professional” and asked them to show a couple of machines. The answer? “Only if you pay,” or, “I can’t leave the front desk.”

Gym sharks are not allowed at LSF: Those who prey on the uneducated in order to gain more money.

But not only that, LSF is a community . Not only do we educate those in the gym, we also hold events at the gym such as Ladies Nights (where women can be themselves) as well as outside the gym (where ladies can walk/ run the monument steps together, go rock wall climbing, walk/run 5ks together, and build relationships moving and and grooving together).

This is MORE than a gym. We are a Ladies-Only Private Club who care about the safety, education, and FUN of our members!

Have yet to experience us? Click HERE for a Free training session with one of our personal trainers. Because personal training is ALWAYS free. –LSF