Learn to Fall Forward This Year Despite Opposition

Ready for a fresh start in 2020 ? Listen up!

Don’t let the negative naysayers stop you from making and accomplishing your goals in 2020!
Watch out for fault finders and mockers. Allowing fault finders speak into your life creates a negative environment, one that does not breed hope, growth or success.
The problem is not that we fall off or make mistakes. The problem is we don’t accept mistakes or, “falling off,” as part of the process and we just give up.
Solution: Change our mindset to see our life like a long race (not a sprint) and resolve to run this race with perseverance; to continue despite the challenges and obstacles.
We can move and run better without the heavy loads weighing us down. Recognize these weights and remove the loads and weights that are weighing us down and making this race harder to run.
Most times the body will do what we tell it to, it’s the mind we have to convince!
How to remove the mental and emotional loads that are weighing you down to create a New 2020 Mindset :
1. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness is your very own bolt cutter that releases the the weights of discouragement, regret, hurts, etc. This creates freedom for you. This freedom removes the old, heavy, negative and suffocating thoughts, emotions and perspectives so you can have a new mindset. You now have room for hope, growth and success so you can walk in your purpose.
2. Resist when those former feelings try to resurface and hold you back. Forgive 7×77 .
3. Now set your goals . Dare to dream.
4. Embrace that there will be growth and with growth there will be growing pains. Hard is not bad . Remember we are to persevere. With pain there is opportunity . With mistakes there is insight . With growth there is victory . You will win as long as you keep moving forward
5. State why you want this goal(s)?
-ex. Why is this goal important to you?
6. State how you will achieve this goal(s)?
-ex. How will you implement new habits to achieve this goal? Going to bed 30 mins early? Putting away $100 each month?
7. State what do you need to do to achieve this goal(s)?
-ex. Will you involve other around you? Will you delegate tasks to others to free up your time? Update your resume and start job searching?
Set your goals in stone and how you get there in the sand and don’t give up. Falling and making mistakes are ok just keep moving forward.
Cheers to your new 2020 Mindset . “Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Sienna

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