October at LSF

Thank you ladies for inspiring this month’s challenge and focus in the gym – Hips don’t Lie

Last month for our S.E.X.Y in September Challenge we held a Ladies Night that focused on Wellness in the Workplace . During our time together we reviewed stretches that can be done in the work environment and ways to deal with “triggers,” in order to reduce stress and negative emotions and moods. Many of you had questions about our hips and mobility during our Ladies Night and also with our Bunz & Gunz exercises in September.

So this month we are going to:

  • stretch our hips to optimize mobility,
  • strengthen our hips to optimize stability,
  • shake our hips because it is good for the body and soul to have some fun, AND
  • learn more about habits that can help reduce unwanted fat, stress, and lower abdominal discomfort

Stretching & Strengthening :

Hip mobility exercises and stretches and strengthening exercises are needed in order to offset tight and weak muscles from hours of sitting. Sitting shortens the hip-flexors and weakens the glute muscles which negatively impacts:

  • hip mobility ,
  • functional abilities like climbing steps, running, walking and
  • performance in athletes.

Improving hip mobility and strength will enhance functional activities, performance AND can also help prevent lower back pain, knee pain and/ or injury and boost explosive movements in athletes.

Shake :
Girls just want to have fun right?!? Hips moving in a fun, simple, and even silly way bring joy and increased overall health benefits! It is more than ok to breathe, smile, and dare I say it….laugh! Just give it a try whether in the privacy of your own home or here at the gym! Stay tuned….

Learning :
Do the best with what you know, but when you learn more do better! When we are under constant stress , the adrenal glands produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can also lead to an increase in estrogen, not only promoting fat storage around the abdomen area, but also on our lower bodies. Learn tips and habits to implement in order to protect your reproductive organs and part of your digestive system that our housed within our hips and lower abdomen.

Watch here for our Hips Don’t Lie Intro !

And as always if you haven’t been to LSF before and would like a tour and a complementary workout, hit the button below!