5 Tips this Holiday Season


Its that time of the year again, ladies! You know what that means? YUMMY FOOD EVERYWHERE�� do you know what that also means? STRESS AND COMFORT EATING��
Are you a New Year’s Resolutionist? Great! It’s always nice to start off the new year fresh.. but why not get started now?
✳ Here are some tips from LSF✳
1. Don’t wait until after the holidays to get started- if you start now you will be one step closer to your goals and you will miss the new year crowd! Think you might lose time from the gym because of the holidays? Don’t worry, we got you covered!
2. Eat in moderation- you can still partake in your grandma’s cookin, just make sure you don’t over eat! Make sure you get your veggies in!����
3.Watch empty calories- you can usually find empty calories in your drinks. Same thing, just drink in moderation!
4.Get your daily water intake in- your food will most likely have a lot of sodium in it, which can cause bloating and make you feel fuller faster.
5. Stay active- ��️‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ Let’s refer back to tip #1, staying active will help all of that yummy food be put to good use as fuel instead of sitting in your gut for the next few days. Get your sweat on, even if its for only 30 minutes at LSF! We are here to serve you!
Mary Graf, LSF Trainer