Jessica L. Member Spotlight

It was a Saturday morning in early November. The gym traffic was getting busier as we had just opened in September. In walked Jessica.

I’ve been in the gym industry for a few years and I know everyone who comes in the gym. Jessica I did not know. “Hi! Welcome to LSF! How can I help you?” The first thing I noticed about Jessica was her radiant smile and love of laughter (as I love to make people laugh). She shot back, ” I’m here to find out your prices.” “Great! What’s your goal?” “I want to gain arm strength.” (She is an Archer). After showing Jessica around she did not hesitate to become a member.

Since then, every day we’re open in fact (with few exceptions), she has come into our club. Both using our cardio machines, and our strength machines with the guidance of our personal trainers on staff.

In December she went up on our Victory Board with quite a powerful testimony: “After only one month I have lost 18lbs and 10 inches! The environment is supportive and an intimidation-free zone! I look forward to coming everyday!”

In January, I asked her to introduce herself to a couple of new walk-in guests, and she told them she has lost 31 pounds in 2 months!!! O—M—G! She has since lost a total of 37 pounds! WHAT!!?? That was in 3 months…not to mention losing a combined 22 and a half inches.

Is there any question on how to lose 20lbs (or 30, or 40, or 10 for that matter) fast? CONSISTENCY!! You better believe losing 37 pounds and 22 and a half inches in 3 months is a FAST way to lose andhas a WAY better lifestyle as her reward!!!

We all have the same resource. Time . What are you planning to do with yours?

If you haven’t had a tour of our beautiful facility yet call us at 3305363488 or sign up here for a tour.

Join Jessica and others who are laser focused in gaining their goal. See you soon! -LSF