4 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress Now

If you find yourself feeling ‘off’ or on edge, try some of the tips below for reducing levels of stress and improving your overall mental and physical health!

Did you really think this wouldn’t be #1 for us?! Exercise is known to lower the stress hormone cortisol, while also releasing endorphins and improving your mood. We have been sharing daily workout videos and routines to our social media pages as well as YouTube which make it easy and fun to following along, while ALSO getting a great workout in. A lot of movement and exercise can actually take place in the comfort of your own home or outdoors – especially during this crazy time – so there is no excuse to take part in moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day!
Make a schedule… and stick to it!
While our normal routine may have been disrupted as of late and we feel like we have lost ALL control, one thing we can control is our own schedule. Setting a schedule for how you want your day to flow allows you to reduce stress by giving you an outline and list of responsibilities to accomplish throughout the day. After all… there is no better feeling than
checking something off the list – even if it’s folding the laundry!
Set realistic goals.
What are your top priorities? That may look different for each of us but starting small is the way to succeed! Set goals for yourself that are attainable – for example, making it a goal to workout at least 30 minutes every day, instead of an hour. This is an achievable goal to begin with, and as you get accustomed to that, you can work toward 45 minutes, and eventually an
hour. Being sure to not set goals that are unattainable allows you to avoid the feeling of ‘failure’, and thus reduces your stress levels! Small victories ladies, small victories!!
Eat well.
Carving out time to consume a nutritious meal can be the difference between having a stressFUL or stressFREE day! Make sure to eat well-balanced meals, consisting of fruits, vegetables and protein and always drinking an adequate amount of water. If you are thinking to yourself, ‘Should I be drinking more water?’, the answer is most likely: YES!
As always, listen to your body, give yourself grace and surround yourself with others who empower & motivate you!
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