Matters of the Heart

Every month at ��Ladies Super Fitness ��we have a different challenge/focus and/or event at our gym.

This month ��Heart Health Awareness�� is our focus… and it is going WELL!!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, we will be hosting a webinar wrapping up our Heart-Health Challenge with awesome information for you and your family. This is Free for the community. Stay tuned for details.

As always, our goal is to educate, excite and empower our ladies to be the best version of themselves!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women����☹��

Earlier this month, I attended an event in Canton by the ��American Heart Association��

It is very reassuring and exciting to learn of the advances in science and technology to help those with heart defects and/or heart disease.

It also reminded me of how important it is for ��EVERYONE�� to know CPR.

Ready for this…….

➡About 80% (or more) of Heart Disease -AND- Stroke is PREVENTABLE⬅

��PREVENTABLE�� I beleive is the key word.

Do we know HOW to prevent Heart Disease?

-or- better yet…

Do WE really WANT to prevent Heart Disease?



#oNosheDidnt #yesYESIdid

Living an unhealthy lifestyle is HARD due to the consequences that come with it.

Exercising is “hard.”

——What hard will you choose?——

Do you really prefer living a life of no exercise, poor eating habits, poor dental hygiene, etc…

It is easy to have a negative attitude about a lifestyle that involves exercise.

It is also easy to believe that you get enough exercise in a day because you walk the dog… Or because you are busy walking at work…

—————- But let’s be honest————-

⚠��⚠��This is not enough⚠��⚠��

Exercise is recommended by the American Heart Association – 30mins of moderate intensity. #getinyour30

When you do nothing your body is DYING.��

So we challenge you to choose ��life�� everyday.

������Join us on our mission������

We can’t wait to meet you and help you with your journey. Click the button below if you would like to get started!