“In a Time of Fear”
Just a quick overview since the last time we have chatted- our gyms are now open ! We have been open since May 26th, 2020 and have made some updates and adjustments to coincide with the new government regulations. All of our gym machines and equipment are 6 feet apart, and even though we had pretty solid cleaning and disinfecting systems we have stepped up our game even more! To be honest I feel that both gyms the look better than ever. They feel great and our staff of personal trainers are doing amazing!
While shut down we also started an online business called, ” Hey Fit Mom. ” You can subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on Instagram . We are servicing moms throughout motherhood. The workouts that you will find initially are for those in their second and third trimester but women pregnant or not are enjoying them for FREE in the comfprt of their own home! Thank you for your support.
For today’s podcast I wanted to address a frequent theme of fear I am seeing in various spheres. Right now as I am speaking, I am 38 weeks pregnant and excited to meet our bundle of joy soon and I just wanted to share some personal insight as I know that fear can suffocate and weigh you down. I just wanted to share somethings that have helped me with hopes that it will help you as well and/or give you somethings to consider.
3 things to consider:
  • Get to the root of why I am fearful. Allowing myself to become aware of where this fear is stemming from. Whether it involves our business, marriage, or even becoming new parents. If I am not aware of something I am unable to address it. And If I am unable to address it, it will become buried, it will brew and eventually burst. Even if we ignore something it is still there and will most likely grow over time and escalate into something more.
  • After I am aware, it is crucial for me to address what is going. By addressing the concerns I have and also understanding the concerns of others involved. After addressing my concerns and emotions and that of others, dividing up what are the areas I have control over and what are the areas I do not have control over. After this, it is so important to not allowing myself to focus on things outside of my control. I I also must remember to respect the my concerns and the concerns of others and be “okay,” with agreeing to disagree.
  • Take action. The decision and action you decide upon does not have to be broadcast-ed to everyone. It does help to have a few trusted supporters who can be in your corner for support, accountability, or for counsel.
Our example of the team we have with Ragon Chiropractic & Acupuncture Health Center : and Nicole Young with Vine of Life Midwifery :
Among all the change there can still be hope . We can feed our fear or we can feed our faith . With either choice there will still be challenges and it will be hard so choose the hard that will give you more reward! I concluded with my personal experience with finishing my last two internships across the US in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Honolulu, HI.
Please share below strategies you use to overcome fear. I would love to learn what works for you!!

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