Let’s talk about Bone Health Awareness…

At Ladies Super Fitness we strive to help you learn about your body as a whole ! This month we are focusing on bone health and bone health awareness – learning ways we can keep our bones strong and dense as we age and prevent osteopenia, osteoporosis and/or fractures.

Did you know that our bones and skeletal frame is a living tissue that is constantly breaking down and rebuilding?!

On Thursday, May 17th, 2018 at 7:30pm , bone expert Cyndi Pizzino from Osteostrong will be giving a free class on bone awareness and will be providing bone screens and assessments at LSF to improve your understanding and awareness of how to care for bones and optimize your health.

In Cyndi’s own words!

“I am the center manager at OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong is a company with about 50 locations throughout the world. Our location has been open for about 3 years. At our facility, we help to initiate our body’s own ability to build bone density. Along with that, it helps to build muscle strength (much differently than what you do at the gym), it reduces joint pain and improves balance. This is a natural alternative for people that have osteopenia or osteoporosis or are looking to prevent the onset. I am also a certified peer educator for American Bone Health, which is the largest not profit bone health organization in the world. I love working with people to help them lead a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. Experiencing their successes and seeing them improve their ability to be more active and either getting off bone building medications or preventing the need to go on them, is very fulfilling. I have been married for 23 years and have three children who all have played sports, so we have always been very active in watching them participate in their respective sports. I enjoy tennis, bike riding, hiking, golf and reading a good book.”

Allow our staff of awesome personal trainers to review your program and assess your balance, core strength and weight bearing exercises at LSF. Lets maximize on your time here. We are here for you.

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