your gym holiday hustle

Ever wonder how this festive, feel-good, celebrated time of year can leave you feeling a little bit overwhelmed?

We understand! From your own lists, parties, gifts– cleaning, prepping, taking care of your loved ones plus all your guests– allow us to help you catch your breathe!

Or maybe it’s something else you can’t shake?– the change of weather, fighting another sinus cold endeavor– being away this holiday season from the ones you love and you’re sick of all the jingle bells?

Good news! Your workouts don’t have to be another thing to worry about and figure out on your own.
We can even keep them simple with our December Word Challenge Workouts at Ladies Super Fitness.

Who knew your personalized routine for weight loss, strength training or mixing it up by taking one of our classes could be so fun and inviting this holiday!

Getting started before the New Year gives you an advantage to build your stride for 2020! It’s a win WIN. Now stop in to make the merriest workouts yet!