The competition turned up the heat this month

Every month at Ladies Super Fitness there is an event or challenge taking place to educate , excite , and empower our members!

There is always something fun and insightful for every member here as we come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels.

In March, we divided up into 3 teams with a lead captain/coach and each team had the opportunity to earn points!

We brought to life the term, Hustle for that Muscle , as each team:

  • tried new workouts,
  • learned to modify exercises to meet their needs,
  • focused on healthy eating and meal planning ,
  • and teamed up with other members and friends for Buddy Workouts !

Who says your wellness journey has to be monotonous and lonely?!? Not here! Not in this house!

Please join us for our April Challenge and Event and click on the button below to set your complimentary workout with one of our awesome certified trainers.

We are excited to meet you!