What to expect and look forward to

Yes, we could all do our own thing and workout on our own by ourselves and that is more than OK and good to do.

However, when you work out with a group – sharing the same mission – you tend to have more energy, motivation, determination and fun!

When “I” is rep laced by “we,” even illness is replaced by wellness

On Saturday, August, 19th, our goal is to keep moving for at least 30mins. You have the option to walk, run, climb some steps and/or participate in drills.

Although our trainers will be there to motivate and workout with you, this is self paced. Yes, this meet up is FREE and you can bring your friends and/or family. Please sign up at the front desk if you are attending!

If you are not a member at LSF click here to schedule your complimentary workout with us. We can’t wait to meet you!