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October’s Apple Bottom Challenge will be using the Booty Blast Express workout because there is so much MORE to working our glute muscles than just having them look nice in a pair of jeans!!

Yes, we all know aesthetics can play a role in giving us motivation to do something, that’s nothing new..

Did you know that when you are sitting the muscles in your Glutes (your butt) are pretty much turned off or not firing? Yikes!
We have 3 primary glute muscles –

  1. Gluteus Maximus
  2. Gluteus Medius
  3. Gluteus Minimus (that are under utilized and weak so lets show them some needed TLC).

Our glute muscles help with

  • hip extension (pulling the thigh behind us),
  • abduction (moving the thigh to the side/laterally when we side step),
  • and with rotating the hip inward and outward.

On the opposite side of your glutes you have your hip flexors. Your hip flexors, in some ways, can be thought of as doing the opposite job of your glutes. Your Hip Flexors help bring your thigh forward and they run along the front of your thigh into your low back.

Which muscles, glutes vs hip flexors , do you think (on average) are being used more? Do we walk/run forward or backward more? How much do you sit during the day?

Why is this important to think about?
Because weak glutes can lead to compensation patterns and discomfort in other areas.

Did you know that strengthening your glutes regularly can help with:

  1. low back discomfort
  2. knee discomfort and
  3. overall movement patterns (walking, jogging, running, climbing, lifting) and performance for athletes

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