Our Power Plate can Help

Stubborn belly fat and cellulite are common insecurities among women of all ages! If
you have similar thoughts and would like the answer, keep reading! You can make your
goal of smoother legs and a flatter stomach a reality by using the Power Plate . It is a
whole body vibration machine and can be found in the FITT Factor section at Ladies
Super Fitness.

The BEST part- there is research supporting this! Multiple studies have been done with the Power Plate, and there have been impressive results for the individuals involved. With six months of consistent training on the Power
Plate, a group of participants lost 5-10% of their entire body weight! Their workout
routine of three days a week for 30 minute sessions. The participants in the study had a
cellulite reduction of 25.7% when incorporating the Power Plate!

When the participants used the Power Plate and additional cardio, they accomplished 32.3% cellulite reduction !
They completed 2-3 days of 8-13 minutes using the Power Plate plus 24-48 minutes of additional cardio.

What kind of exercises are done on the Power Plate?

These are the same exercises that you do on the ground, but performing them while you
are standing on the Power Plate gives you extra benefits . The vibrations activate your
muscles to contract and relax more rapidly, therefore, your muscles work harder. Your
muscles have an automatic response system that triggers them to stabilize during the
intense vibration.

A study reported by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concluded that during muscle flexion with vibration, the muscle contracted twice as much as a muscle without. The data was collected by using electromyography,
which measures the activity of muscle tissue by attaching electrodes to the skin. Included on the Power Plate is a massage button. After your workout, whether it be full body vibration exercises, weight machines, free weights, or cardio, this setting aids in quicker recovery to your muscles and enhances your joint function. It feels nice too!

To sum it up…

By incorporating the Power Plate into your exercise routine, you can burn more calories
efficiently, work your muscles more in less time, and recover faster !

As any of you personal trainers at LSF to help you with any of the following:

• plank hold
• squats/squat hold
• tricep dips
• step ups
• toe taps
• hip bridge
• mountain climbers
• push ups
• standing abs
• lunges
• high knees
• and many more !

– Erica Shiets, LSF Intern

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During Different Squat Exercises.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,
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