Why LSF works

 During my time at Ladies Super Fitness, I have noticed that women of various ages are intimidated by gyms and fitness centers. Many women simply do not know where to start, how to form an appropriate workout for their needs and/or how to perform exercises correctly. Personal trainers can be extremely beneficial when it comes to solving these problems. The member-trainer relationships at LSF are the special ingredient that help members overcome their day to day hardships. This relationship is based on trust and honesty in order to ensure safety and success for everyone. Concerns, injuries, and medical conditions are discussed and shared in order to create an appropriate program based on the unique needs of each woman at LSF.

 Approach-ability is another important aspect of the member-trainer relationships at LSF. Creating a comfortable and positive atmosphere avoids members being intimidated and allows for important questions to be asked. This is why members are progressing in their workouts and learning how to modify things as necessary to help them continue on their journey. I have noticed something special happen at LSF. When a woman feels safe, respected and free she can truly blossom and grow – even in her workout program. The member-trainer relationship at LSF is the magical ingredient of honesty, trust, and approach-ability that works for every member whether they are 13 or 83 years old! This is automatically sets both the member and the trainer up for success.

 To experience for yourself of why LSF works, schedule your complimentary workout and tour today! You won’t regret it!!

 - Jamie Pantuso, University of Akron Exercise Science Graduate Student