Turn the Post-Summer Blues into a New You!

Summer is gone! What are we to do? aaaah! We get back in the action! How you ask?

Routine ! Routine ! Routine ! YES, YES, YES!

When most ladies join our club with the thought of losing weight or getting toned, they think only of those goals, however far or close they think they are. But they forget the most important part….CONSISTENCY!

Instead of thinking about those 20 pounds think of getting to the gym at least 3 days a week! Focus on building that habit FIRST and the goal WILL be achieved!

Now we are all human and what’s good about being human is that we are successful in anything we put our minds to. Working out and weight loss is no different but you have to WANT to change.

Body composition change (Fat to muscle process) is NOT some mystical entity that will elude us no matter what we do, BUT we think that because of our past failures…..YIKES!

You might have worked out for hours a week for a month or two and been discouraged with the results so you think it’s a waste of time. DON’T THINK THAT!!!

It’s not! First of all, because you workout that doesn’t give you a license to eat whatever you want because you “deserve” it. We’ve all been there. Instead you have to FOCUS : F ollow O ne C ourse U ntil S uccessful. That means burning the candle at both ends. Working out AND being mindful what you put in your body AND having accountability…using US at LSF!

Your body is like a machine. You wouldn’t put milk in your car right? How much more important is your body than a hunk of metal!

Fried and fattening foods WILL SCREW UP YOUR RESULTS! Chicken Wings, Cheese, more than a tablespoon of Peanut Butter (not a tablespoon with a heaping pile on it), any dessert, the list goes on.

My wife and I took everything out of our cabinets and refrigerator that held us back. There is no peanut butter, raisins, craisins, cheese, or snacks in our house. These foods were holding us back. What are the foods holding you back?

Everyone is at a different point in their journey and that is MORE than ok! We are in this TOGETHER.

Also, find your WHY! Why did you start in the beginning? Was it because of an ill report from the doctor? Was it to influence someone else? The thing is: if you think you’re “good” from working out because of your current results, you WILL GAIN IT BACK! In America there is no drought of good food and it is so easy to gain that weight again and beat yourself up.  Let’s break this cycle together and build a more positive feedback loop of consistent workouts, better eating habits, positive mindset and accountability aka team work!!

With the holidays around the corner, let’s get a solid foundation and work through this time of feasting so we don’t start over come January.

If you aren’t a member yet and would like to schedule a complimentary workout session Click HERE .

If you ARE a member, let us get you back on track with another training session so you can share your concerns and we can work together. INJURIES CAN BE WORKED WITH!!!!! Don’t let anything stop you! Get yourself out of the way to attain some results which has eluded you thus far! –LSF