Let the Restoring Begin!

Happy New Year everyone!

We are creeping into our first full week of the New Year and we couldn’t be more excited and eager for what is ahead. I think many of us were blind-sided with unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances, changes, ups/downs and pressures of 2020. Whether you take part in New Year Resolutions and making goals or feel it to be comical to do so, you’ve got to admit there is something very reassuring that–at the stroke of midnight on December 31st–we have the opportunity to start fresh, start new or maybe even start differently. To some, I get this can be a bit over-the-top, but I believe it gives everyone hope and promise. And, especially now, it can feel like a breathe of fresh air…something we can all use. This year our theme – She is Restored – couldn’t come at a more appropriate time as we come up for some air.
To restore means to replace; to return; as a person or thing to a former place. It can also mean to heal; to cure; to recover from disease; to revive; to resuscitate; to bring back to life.
Can you use any of this in your life?
I know for me as a new and first-time mom I spent time preparing for the birth of my daughter. I did not realize that not only would I be meeting her but I would also be getting to know a whole new me…the mother in me. Talk about a shift in identity and thinking! Whether other people see me as someone different or not, I know that everything that I am is different. Motherhood is like finding a door to a room in a house that has always existed and is opened for the first time.
Before becoming a mother, I have heard stories of the postpartum period lasting between six-to-eight weeks. However, upon embarking on the motherhood journey, I have found postpartum can be more than six-to-eight weeks and it is NOT meant to be done alone. I will be the first in line to receive restoration as well as help others along their restoration journey.
Did you notice that this year’s theme does not say “she will try to restore” or “she is thinking of restoring!” We are declaring it and receiving it. Yes it will be a process but it will happen . We will reaffirm this as we restore healthy habits involving exercise, sleep, eating nutrient dense foods, rest, and our thoughts. If you are not feeling fully restored yet that is OK because you are among friends.
The beauty of our gym and online community is we have ladies in every season. Having support from women is CRITICAL as we shake off some of the trials and tribulations and yield into a new season. I say yield because we tend to want to control or have things look perfect during a season of change. We tend to fight change and resist. And when we do this we do not allow ourselves to receive new insights, growth or maybe the birth of something new in our lives
This week we start our Core Challenge and also practice 5 minutes of quiet . What?? During these 5 minutes we put away our electronic devices and distractions and focus on our breathing. YES! You heard me correctly. Five minutes away from kids, husband, work, what have you. What do you need to do to unplug for 5 minutes? Do it whatever it is.
We will focus on Restoring our health, bodies, and mind, but we also hope and pray that restoration comes to you in all areas of your own life whether professionally, financially, relationally or in whatever area it is needed. Cheers to an awesome week ahead.
Music from https://www.zapsplat.com