Tips for getting it in!

Your muscles are comprised of 70% or more of water. Fat only is comprised of 10% water. That says it all right there. The more lean muscle you have on you, the more hydrated you are! So why do we have such a tough time getting in our water?

You might not drink soda. You probably drink fruit juices, iced tea, diet soda (maybe), and coffee. All made of water, right? RIGHT! But also made of sugar (more calories than food sometimes), words you can’t pronounce, and caffeine.

So I’ll be the first to tell you I drink coffee probably more than you do. My job makes me need to be super hyped most of the day. However! I’m sure to drink water FIRST before I drink diuretics. There’s water next to my bed, so when I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I drink. 20 oz for guys, 16 oz for women, or a bottle of water.

I had an old nutrition coach tell me this: “If you drink coffee right when you wake up before water, it’s like wringing out a dried up sponge.” That’s a great picture for you! Looking like a raisin all day long!

Water is simple to consume. We put a pack of water in our cars, put cases of water next to our beds, have a case of water at work, and drink CONSTANTLY!

If your muscles are comprised of mostly water, it can only help you! Let’s do this!–LSF