Community Weekend Meet Ups with LSF

Do you have to go to the Weekend Meet Ups?…YES! Just kidding. But why not?!

Its no secret that exercise helps with weight loss, muscle development, and improvement to our various bodily systems, i.e cardiac system, digestive system, etc.

BUT what about the other stuff?

You know….

Enjoying out-door activities with your loved ones? Taking part in summer vacation activities or excursions without having to hang back in the hotel room? How about being able to carry your own luggage or climb up/down steps without being quickly winded?

Getting outside to workout with fellow LSF gals, friends, and families reinforces all the hard work you are doing in the gym–forming AWESOME camaraderie and relationship-developing activities. After being an LSF’er for a while, we start to realize we are all heading in the same direction but might be at various seasons in our lives. This makes us stronger as women to learn from others who are further down the path of fitness and life.

Join us on our next adventure to be apart of something bigger than yourself and immerse yourself in our wonderful and fit community! Let’s do it! Our next Weekend Meet Up is on June 24th, 7am at Wing Foot State Park.

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