How to navigate your fitness routine during COVID-19

There has been so much change in such a short time with COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a time where we are all being affected in some way shape or form- spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, and/or mentally.

Since our gyms have been forced to close we have been doing daily LIVE workouts via FB and IG as well as recording workouts and uploading both, LIVE and recorded, to our YouTube Channel- Ladies Super Fitness (click link to Subscribe). We want to do our part to help support, encourage and keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. Which is why we made these workout videos easily accessible online for our community, members, their family and friends as well as our family and friends.
With everything going on, do you find yourself wanting to start a fitness routine from home? Or maybe you were already on a fitness routine and want to keep your momentum going? Either way, with everything going on and all this change, are you finding that you might not know where to start?
Are you going online and feeling bombarded (and maybe overwhelmed) with all the different types of workouts, different styles, and different routines?
Here are some tips and suggestions to consider and help you navigate the waters of working out from home during this time:

1. Understand where you are starting from..
– Is this your first time working out?
– Are you post-surgical? Post-partum?
– Has it been a few weeks? Few months? Few years since your last workout?
– Are you advanced with great body awareness? etc..

2. What are your goals during this time?
-Weight loss?
-Improve strength?
-Improve flexibility? etc..
-Pick 1 or 2 goals and start here
3. What are your time constraints ?
-1 hr long?
-Daily? 2-3x/week etc?
Answering these first 3 questions will help you to begin to create the types of workouts to look for and try. You will know the intensity level to choose from, the tension level, the type or length of workout and decide if this workout fits your goals.

4. Sill feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or alone even after starting?
-Embrace the learning process
-Give yourself GRACE
-Remember you have the ability to pause, work at your own pace..
-Progress NOT perfection
-Allow yourself to have FUN
5. Be confident and trust that your body was made to move.
-Resist fear and doubt
-You were made to move, now you are learning the movement patterns that are appropriate for you
-We are all made different and are in different seasons of life
Focus on what you CAN do not on what you CAN’T do
-Reach out for support or coaching, you are NOT alone
We are in this together!!