One Easy Way to Improve it FAST

Everyone is excited about improving their posture right (insert sarcasm) ?
Posture does not get enough love or attention. Most of us want to lose weight and build muscle. Although these are very common and important goals, good alignment and posture is key towards overall health and wellness. Good posture not only protects you against neck and back discomfort, it also improves your overall health and appearance. Poor posture, on the other hand, promotes back pain and can affect the position and function of your abdominal organs, inhibit breathing and oxygen intake, and cause headaches. It may also affect mood.
What does good posture look like?
Your ears should rest above over the shoulders – Avoid the forward head look.
Gently squeeze the shoulder blades back – Avoid the rounded shoulders and upper back.
Avoid staying in static or awkward postures when sitting or standing for long periods of time – Switch positions every 30mins
How to work on attaining good posture?

Regular exercises & routines that promote core stability, endurance, lengthening of the spine during movement and focused breathing.
Attend a FREE Mat Pilates Class at your local Ladies Super Fitness.
Pilates, at a young age really changed my life physically, emotionally and even professionally.
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