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Are preworkouts necessary?

Considerations before taking preworkout supplements About 3-4 years ago I took a popular pre workout for the first time, by time I got to the gym and was exercising, my heart felt as if it was going to explode and my arms and legs felt numb and tingly. This was a very...

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In a Time of Fear

Aware...Address...Act "In a Time of Fear" Just a quick overview since the last time we have chatted- our gyms are now open ! We have been open since May 26th, 2020 and have made some updates and adjustments to coincide with the new government regulations. All of our...

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Grace over Grind

How to give people what they don't deserve Today, I wanted to share a personal story that happened to me this past Easter with hopes that it will inspire you and give you something to think about. This past Easter was very different with the COVID-19 Pandemic, being...

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Where Do I Start?

How to navigate your fitness routine during COVID-19 There has been so much change in such a short time with COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a time where we are all being affected in some way shape or form- spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, and/or...

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How to Reduce Stress

4 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress Now If you find yourself feeling ‘off’ or on edge, try some of the tips below for reducing levels of stress and improving your overall mental and physical health! EXERCISE! Did you really think this wouldn’t be #1 for us?! Exercise is...

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Win A Treadmill

All you have to do is share.... Get excited ladies (and gents)! We are giving away a beautiful, brand new Nordic Track Treadmill to one lucky winner who participates in our online giveaway! To enter follow these simple steps… 1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel –...

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Moving Forward

This is a subtitle for your new post Moving forward even as we grapple with all the changes happening around the world! So much is changing at home, work, within our community and around the world as we are all being affected by COVID-19 in some way. We understand...

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Boosting Your Immune System

Simple ways to boost your immune system, in the midst of a crazy outbreak, and every day! 1. REMAIN ACTIVE Getting in a workout triggers your body to circulate antibodies and white blood cells, which helps them to attack foreign bodies and anything threatening your...

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Benefits of Strength Training

What it is and why it's important If your exercise routine is primarily focused on cardio and you haven’t been seeing the results you had hoped for, then you should try strength training! What it is: Strength training (also known as Resistance Training) can be applied...

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LSF Games North Canton vs. Stow Challenge

More Motivation coming in March Are you ready for our 4th Annual LSF Games starting Monday March 2nd? This year we have a VERY special treat as our LSF Games will include both gyms- Ladies Super Fitness North Canton and Ladies Super Fitness Stow! Every month at Ladies...

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