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October Vision and Fun at LSF

Vision Board and Cardio for the Cure Event It is officially Autumn, which means it’s time for fuzzy socks, holiday festivities, and everything pumpkin spice. Fall is full of fun activities and we want you to experience them! Activities such as apple picking, pumpkin...

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Self Care September

Time for your mind, body, & spirit is always time well spent! Self-care is not for the few that have time; it’s for everyone who makes the time! In September we celebrated National Self-Care Awareness Month . When’s the last time you prioritized yourself? If you...

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Beware of 7 Mind Traps

7 Mind Traps of Procrastination I hear it all the time in our gym - "I have been wanting to stop in here for over a year." "I have been following you on FB for over a year." "I pass by here all the time and have been wanting to check you out since you opened." When I...

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Four False Weightlifting Myths for women & More

Women Who Lift - WWL 4 Myths of Weight Lifting for Women Lets get right to it!! #1 Myth-Lifting weights will make you bulky. Lifting weights builds muscle and burns fat. Women have lower testosterone levels so to put on muscle bulk takes a lot of time. Women will...

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At the Core of it all

Building a strong foundation when starting or starting again As you know, I have the privilege of working with women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. These last few months in particular I have found an underlying sense of urgency in the women in my gym...

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Why Posture Matters

One Easy Way to Improve it FAST Everyone is excited about improving their posture right (insert sarcasm) ? Posture does not get enough love or attention. Most of us want to lose weight and build muscle. Although these are very common and important goals, good...

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A little competition at LSF

More ways to make your workouts fun & challenging March has brought out a little competition in our members as our North Canton location competes against our Stow location for points and well, bragging rights! Each day there is a different exercise or "challenge...

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SHE is Restored 2021

Let the Restoring Begin! Happy New Year everyone! We are creeping into our first full week of the New Year and we couldn't be more excited and eager for what is ahead. I think many of us were blind-sided with unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances, changes,...

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Foam Rolling Benefits

Should you foam roll? Foam Rolling for our ladies at Ladies Super Fitness! Growing up in sports the importance of stretching before and after practice was always emphasized. Stretching was the only technique used as a warm up/recovery method. As I got older, I...

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Holiday Tips

5 Tips this Holiday Season ✳ THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING✳ Its that time of the year again, ladies! You know what that means? YUMMY FOOD EVERYWHERE�� do you know what that also means? STRESS AND COMFORT EATING�� Are you a New Year's...

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